This colourful semantics multi product pack contains the following:

– Colourful Semantics Secondary School
– Colourful Semantics KS2 Lesson Plans
– Colourful Semantics Digital Baseline Assessment
– Colourful Semantics Follow Up Training Video
– Colourful Semantics Christmas Resources

The Secondary School pack of resources can help with supporting pupils during secondary school. The pack includes all of our introduction instructions including ‘WHO DOING WHAT WHERE’, ‘To Whom’ and ‘What Like’. This pack also includes the following:
Calendar events including Easter, Christmas, Valentines and many more
Home and Community activities such as getting the bus and going out.
Curriculum activities such as Henry VIII, Electricity and Of Mice and Men
These activities are aimed for students from Year 7 through secondary school. This is a great aid for students who may be struggling with the jump between Primary and Secondary school. Each activity has their own set of cards and prompts to help engage the students and keep them involved. These are not only suitable for those with speech and language needs but aslo your EAL students.

Story books in the Christmas pack include The Grinch and The Snowman
Activities including making a card, baking and filling a stocking
AAC and PECS activities

The Lesson Plans support the learning objectives for Speaking and contains 7 sessions. These lesson plans can be used as whole-class lessons, for specific small group or 1:1 interventions. The accompanying symbols can be printed for use with a whole class, small group or individual pupil; alternatively, they can be used for a classroom display or working wall.

The Baseline Assessment is an informal baseline assessment to give you a starting point for intervention. It can also be used for monitoring progress. The pack includes guidance on who the baseline assessment is for, what you need, how to undertake the assessment, question prompts and target responses. This is a non-editable / non-printable document. We commissioned a fantastic artist to create our illustrations which we are sure will be loved by all! You can find further information on the baseline assessment here ….

The follow up training video for colourful semantics covers how to start implementing Colourful Semantics at:
– 1:1 level
– Small group level
– Classroom level
– Between setting and home
The trainer will share practical ideas as to how you can include Colourful Semantics across the setting’s day alongside mapping out some practical resources which you can take away and implement following the course. There will also be an opportunity for discussion about how to support identified pupils using the Colourful Semantics framework. There are handouts included for your reference, to accompany the training video for each of the 3 parts.