This colourful semantics multi product pack contains the following:

– Colourful Semantics School Transition / New School Resource Pack
– Colourful Semantics Follow Up Training Video

Prepare children for a new class or school, use the resource to talk about the environment they will be in and support children when developing independence and adapting to new concepts. The resource will help you talk about lesson subjects children will be doing and the resources they will need.

The resource also prepares children in building new friendships with peers and adults, helping you to talk about emotions, social language and non-verbal behaviour prompts for social situations (including question openers) and building self-esteem.

This resource pack includes an introduction to colourful semantics.

The follow up training video for colourful semantics covers how to start implementing Colourful Semantics at:
– 1:1 level
– Small group level
– Classroom level
– Between setting and home
The trainer will share practical ideas as to how you can include Colourful Semantics across the setting’s day alongside mapping out some practical resources which you can take away and implement following the course. There will also be an opportunity for discussion about how to support identified pupils using the Colourful Semantics framework. There are handouts included for your reference, to accompany the training video for each of the 3 parts.